10 Lead Generation Tips: Tactics And Ideas You Should List In Your Strategy

10 Lead Generation Tips, Tactics And Ideas You Should List In Your StrategyLet’s face it – there are tons of lead generation tips, tactics, ideas and strategies out there. However, not every single one of them is proven to work. The truth is, businesses need to test a lot before they actually adopt a lead generation strategy and hope for the best.

In an era full of content, you need to choose the best strategy for success and one that will generate most traffic and revenue for you. And that is why today, we are sharing our list of powerful lead generation tips, ideas and tactics to use on your website – starting today.

Take Advantage Of Scarcity As A Focus Element

Whether it’s a ‘limited time offer’, a ‘limited quantity’ offer or both, scarcity is found to trigger the demand for a product or service.

Use The ‘Community’ Strategy

Share numbers of people that downloaded, purchased or benefited from your content. You may get a lot more in return. Just make sure you are saying the truth.

Hot In The News

Creating a buzz is always good for lead generation. Essentially, the ‘what’s hot’ topic is known as newsjacking and is a great way for you to make most of your PR strategy to get more leads.

Come Up With Clickable Titles

Short and punchy is one way to describe the perfect title for lead generation. Ideally, you should test a lot of variations of it, but topics like “X: A Full Guide” or “7 Tricks That Will Boost…” or “7 Apps That Helped People…” are always hot.

Use In-Depth And High-Value Material

Without a high value offer, you shouldn’t expect any leads. Essentially, formats of this kind include ebooks, whitepapers, kits, live webinars, blog posts with CTAs, reports, templates, presentations etc.

Create Unique And Exclusive Call To Actions (CTAs)

Placing the CTA where the eye can see, using nice contrast to make it stand out and linking it to a dedicated landing page written exactly for it is one way to win with your call to actions and acquire more leads.

Never Leave A Key Element Behind

A headline, optional sub headline, a brief description, content and a form to capture the interest and turn it to information – is one of the best ways to get leads quickly.

Short, Yet Detailed Content

You don’t have to write 30 bullets labeled as the benefits. When it comes to lead generation, less is more so try to emphasize the benefits of the offer in a few paragraphs only.

Leverage The Social Buzz

Social media sharing is very important and should be displayed on the landing page to provoke sharing. It also build trust.

Learn How To Create & Repurpose Content

‘The more, the merrier’ is one rule you should not pass on in lead generation. In other words, the more landing pages you have, the greater results you will achieve. Repurposing content is all about making use of your blog posts and turning them into other formats (whitepapers, ebooks, webinars) or vice versa.

In the end, generating leads is all about redefining the purpose of your marketing. Using forms like ebooks, landing pages, reports, whitepapers and forms should all synergize with your core values. And the best part?

It actually helps you get to know your business better and deliver quality to your potential leads.

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