7 Types of e-mail Campaigns that Will Improve your Marketing Automation

Are you sending email promotions to your prospects, and looking at declining open rates? Here are seven types of emails that will improve your marketing automation Return on Investment (ROI):Email Campaigns

Newsletter emails

Sent weekly, monthly or bi-monthly, newsletter forms the most basic form of email communication with your prospects or clients. It reinforces engagement with subscribers, and provides a consistent means of updating them with latest news from your company.

Educational emails

Suitable for products or services that require complex decision making processes. They also provide answers to typical questions that your customers have.

Branding emails

Reminds customers about the objectives of your company, and the purpose of your products and services.

Sales Promotions emails

These emails provides fast and efficient means of reaching out to customers with short term promotions, and drive sales for the company.

Lead Nurturing emails

These type of emails moves a lead through your sales funnel efficiently. It does so by reducing the amount of time required to educate your prospects about your products or services. Lead nurturing emails form the basis of marketing automation. It also provides the most effective form of email campaigns when deployed properly.

Transactional emails

Usually triggered by actions of users on the website or eCommerce shops, such emails provide confirmation on registration or purchases online. It can also be used for tracking, to provide assurance to customers for their orders.

Reorder emails

Suitable for customers that require reminders when their supplies run out. It can be seen as actions of a socially responsible company that tracks the usage of their products.

Therefore, which types of emails should you be sending? There is no golden rule on this. But you should not fall into the trap of sending too much emails. More importantly, effective email campaigns targets specific market segments and are tracked religiously.

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