About us


Our goal is to help you harness the power of technology and marketing automation so you can grow your business in the most effective, efficient way possible. dMarketeer.com.sg was launched to provide answers to the digital marketer who wants to find the best solutions to the dilemma that all marketeers face today – how to catch the attention of prospects in an increasingly crowded digital marketplace and how to convert them from leads to customers to brand advocates.

We are led by a seasoned marketeer with over a decade’s worth of experience in helping firms in a broad range of industries craft successful, scalable marketing strategies. We don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions because we know that every business is unique. When we work with you, you can trust that we will be keeping your goals and your timeframe in mind.


What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is software that allows businesses to create, manage and measure processes and campaigns that allow them to build and maintain relationships with their clients. It automates the complex and often repetitive tasks that need to be done in order for them to succeed at inbound marketing (which has been proven to be the best way for businesses to market themselves online).

Because inbound marketing is all about earning customers’ attention and engaging with them across a diversity of digital channels, marketeers now have to develop highly targeted campaigns; track the behaviour of their target prospects online; determine when, where and how best to engage with each specific segment; and monitor results. All of these can be done manually, it’s true, but only when you have a small pool of leads to process and even then it can be very complicated and time-consuming. Once you have more prospects, you’ll definitely need the invaluable advantage that marketing automation can bring.