Best practices to follow for lead generation during COVID-19

Best practices to follow for lead generation during COVID-19

The COVID -19 pandemic has affected us all in one way another. Many businesses are struggling to keep up with lead generation and conversions. Some of the businesses have closed down temporarily and others have shut down completely. This pandemic has left many businesses in question regarding marketing and lead generation. But there are a few practices that can be followed even during the COVID-19 pandemic for lead generation. We have listed below some of them which you can try.


Maximize the use of social media platforms


During the pandemic isolation, the best way to keep connected with the audience is through social media platforms. Being considerate about the prevailing situation and still having a bit of humor to see the light of the situation. 

Moreover, social media platforms are the best places for lead generation. But finding the strongest platform for your business is the key. Interact with your audience and build a proper audience based relationship.


Building authority using the website


As much as important it is to use social media platforms, it is also important for you to have a good landing page that shows your authority. Branding your website and content, and providing a clear call to action button is very important for lead generation.


Offer educational training and virtual events


Most people’s plans have been postponed or canceled during this crisis, the best measure you can take is organizing virtual events, conducting webinars, and offering educational training. This way you can get your audience to become familiar with your brand. Having a signup form collecting the information required to contact the potential leads is a must.


Provide gated content


As most people are spending their time in isolation due to the pandemic, they do have a bot of time in their hands. Hence this is the best time to connect with them via content marketing. People are looking for resources to increase their knowledge. Hence you can share useful articles and blogs among your audience and include your contact details in them. Enticing them and interacting with them will help you in lead generation.


We hope you benefit from the above tips. Not everything goes by the book for all business. Trial and error is the best method to identify the best practices for your practice.

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