Digital Marketing Training and Courses

    Considering Digital Marketing Training Courses? Or rather, be the person to drive digital transformation for your company? You are strongly encouraged!

    Why do you need Digital Marketing Training Courses?

    According the Digital Marketing Institute, “87% of companies think that digital transformation is a competitive opportunity“. For most marketeers, having digital marketing skills may no longer be a choice. The reason is simple, and clear. As more of our target audience segments are spending more time online, companies have to reach out and communicate with them online. Since it is the role of marketing to engage customers (for branding or lead generation purposes), then it is essential that companies develop effective online marketing strategies.

    In addition, the right digital marketing training can also help you build your business or kick-start your digital marketing career. The more you know, the better off you will be with your own business, and the more clients will be willing to trust you. Depending on your plan to provide services for other companies or just use the knowledge you gain for your own business, you need the right digital marketing courses Singapore.

    However, digital marketing covers a many aspects like Content Marketing, Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Advertising, Search Engine Optimisation, Marketing Automation, Digital Marketing Strategies and many more. You cannot possibly cover all of them in a single course.

    It is important that you map out your learning in a progressive manner. Some courses are technical in nature. Perhaps you could start with strategy courses, and continue with technical based classes later. Beyond certain point, you will find that you cannot avoid learning some technical knowledge to be effective in digital marketing. You just have to prepared for it.

    Which Digital Marketing Course is appropriate?

    With more training providers covering topics in digital marketing, it can be quite daunting to decide on the correct training to attend. Consequently, here are some factors you should consider:

    • Relevance of the course – With the face pace of technology developments, the course must be updated and according to latest trends.
    • Practical use of skills acquired -After the training, you should able to apply what you learnt to your business or job function.
    • Technical skills requirements – Any digital marketing course is bound to require some knowledge of technical skills for websites. You need to be comfortable with them in the class. Alternatively, you should always start with the basic courses.
    • Costs – With course fees ranging from thousands of dollars to tens of dollar, it is important to compare the same course among different providers. There are also various grants available to defray such costs. For skillsfuture eligibility, you can check them out here.

    As a result of considering these factors, here is a list of our recommended digital marketing courses Singapore, from basic to advanced levels:


    woocommerce template

    Setting up your E-Commerce Store

    (small class size)