Digital Advertising (Google & Facebook) Hands-On

– Presented by emarsity –
Duration: 3 Days
Mode: Online Live, Over Zoom
Date: Please enquire
Venue: Online
Time: 9:00am to 6:00pm
Training Fee: S$1337.50
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1. Learning Outcome

Facebook Adwords Course

About Digital Advertising (Google & Facebook) Hands-On

Want to reach your customers online? This 3-day course teaches you how to advertise online and turn your business goals into an online marketing campaign to attract new customers and optimize your ad spend.

You will learn how to set up and run successful Google Ads and Facebook campaigns to meet your advertising goals, remarketing to maintain top-of-mind (brand and product) awareness, and more importantly, how to measure and maximize results to improve your return on investment across various advertising channels.

The course modules are split into theory, group discussions and hands-on practice for comprehensive learning. In no time, you’ll be an expert in setting up text ads, image ads and remarketing ads on Google and Facebook and be on your way to tracking campaign performance that meets your business goals.


Course Outcome:

Set up text ads on Google Search Network.
Set up image ads on Google Display Network (i.e. Straits Times, SGX, PropertyGuru, YouTube).
Set up Facebook ads including Custom Audiences.
Set up Re-marketing ads on Google and Facebook.
Track campaign performance and optimize ad spend.

2. Breakdown of Training:

Day 1 | Google Search Network Theory

  • Why Google Ads
  •  About Google Search Network
  •  Basic terminology
  • How ads are ranked and displayed
  • Ad auction and quality score
  • Ad formats and quality of ads
  • What you actually pay
  • Keyword match types
  • Adwords search campaign best practices
  • Optimizing Google Adwords search campaign

Day 1 Google Search Network Hands On

  • Setting Up Adwords Account
  • Campaign Settings
  • Navigating Adwords Interface
  • How to Choose Keywords
  • Set up Ad Groups and Ads
  • Set Up Ad Extensions
  • Setting Bids and Budget
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Segmenting Campaign Data
  • Viewing Reports

Day 2 Google Display Network Theory

  • Finding Your Customers in GDN
  • About Enhanced Campaigns
  • Ad Formats and Gallery
  • Best Practices
  • Optimization on GDN
  • Advanced Optimization on GDN

Google Display Network Hands-On

  • Setting up Google Ads account
  • Campaign settings
  • Navigating Google Ads interface
  • How to choose keywords
  • Set up ad groups and ads
  • Set up ad extensions
  • Setting budget and bids
  • Conversion tracking
  • Segmenting campaign data
  • Viewing reports

Day 2 Google Display Network Theory

  • Finding your customers in GDN
  • Ad formats and gallery
  • Best practices
  • Optimization on GDN
  • Advanced optimization on GDN

Day 2 Google Display Network Hands-on

  • Creating a GDN campaign
  • Contextual targeting, placements, interest and keywords
  • Advanced targeting options (Remarketing)

Day 2 Facebook Ads Theory

  • Understanding various campaign objective to meet your marketing goal/s
  • Differences between GDN and Facebook
  • Why you need to do things differently with Facebook ads

Day 3 Facebook Ads Hands-On

  • Targeting correctly on Facebook (demographics, location, interests, connections, pages)
  • Choosing where to place ads (Facebook, Facebook Audience Network, Instagram, Messenger)
  • Managing bids, budgets, ad scheduling
  • Setup Facebook Pixel
  • Best Practices when creating ads
  • Creating and using custom and lookalike audiences
  • Re-targeting to visitors who have already shown interest in your business
  • Knowing which metrics matter most when driving visitors to your website
  • How to optimize you campaign

More About the Course

  • For best learning experience: 2 devices i.e. laptop/tablet, excluding mobile phones, are recommended when attending the course
  • Learner will gain exclusive privileges to ongoing support for lifelong learning through enriching content, events and workshops.

Who is this training for?

This course for participants who want to focus solely on setting up campaigns in Google and Facebook. A Certificate of Completion will be awarded after the course.

Certificate of Completion will be awarded after the course.

 Business owners and entrepreneurs who want to get more business online.
Client side marketers who want to learn best practices used in an agency to deploy campaigns in-house.




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