Google Analytics 360 and differences with its free edition

Google analytics is one of the main applications digital marketers today are using to track the website traffic and obtain performance reports. It is so much in use that Google analytics has become vital for a successful online website or campaigns. Google also provides  a premium GA 360, in addition to Google analytics. Not many marketer are aware what makes the GA 360 different from the standard free edition.

Google Analytics 360 and differences with its free edition.

A few features of GA 360 makes it different from Google analytics. Let us look at some of them.


Data collection

Digital marketers use Google analytics extensively to collect all traffic related data from a website and mobile devices, across all geographic areas. With Google analytics 360 we can obtain an in depth reports of all the required data. Moreover you can customize and organize your data as your prefer, with the flexibility it has. And it also allows large firms to combine similar data of multiple profiles.


Data importing and integration

Google analytics allows marketers to run campaigns on Google Adwords and get all the data related to it. Importing and exporting data on audiences and campaigns is a feature available for all. With GA 360 you can import data from external custom data sources like click ads and save the history of the data. It also allows you to compare the past and present reports.



When is comes to reporting Google analytics 360 is almost same as the free version, but only  a few changes. Creating reports with custom funnel reports are made easy and it gives the impacts as well. Data-driven attribution model becomes very handy in making important changes on conversion paths and user engagements. Digital marketer can also create their own  custom data-driven model.



APIs play an important rule in Google analytics in reporting and configuration. With GA 360 you can retrieve reports in large volumes. It allows you to obtain the unsampled reports with a higher threshold value.


Services offered

With GA 360 being premium the services offered for free version users are quite different. The customer service and training is available through the re-seller. Furthermore you get a chance to enroll in the beta programs.


The pricing of GA 360 varies with the type of your company and the volume of your audience. But the services are to make user experience the best.

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