Benefits of Learning Google Analytics in a Digital Marketing Training

Google analytics is a very popular web analytic software and most of the digital marketers are using this today. And it is very convenient as all you need to use Google Analytics is just a Google account. While it is just an online software it gives useful insights on a website and traffic.Google Analytics Digital Marketing Training

With Google analytics becoming a major tool in digital marketing, it is an important part of the digital marketing training. Hence this training benefits any digital marketer in many ways.


1.Free and easy to begin with Google Analytics

Google offers Google Analytics for free with multiple features and it also has a premium version. And all you need is a Google account to begin with. As you login you get a basic run through of the software. Hence a proper digital marketing training can help anyone master the software in its usability.


2. Know your visitors and traffic flow

Google analytics gives the data on the number of visitors, time, location and how they found the website. And in addition you also can see how the traffic to your website flows. The most popular landing pages and exit pages data can be used to make better changes on the website that will bring more leads. A good digital marketing training, will train you on how to get the details and use it for the website.


3. Customize your own reports

Using Google Analytics you can get custom reports on the data and insights you need, apart from the regular reports. And you can learn on implementing the best practices what details you need on a report to make progressive changes on the website.


4. Campaigns and monitoring

Google Analytics is an excellent tool when it comes to managing campaigns and keeping track of their progress. Digital marketers will be able to track the best traffic source, understand the traffic funnel and make improvements that will help in increasing the number of leads.


5. Audience preference and keywords

Google analytics is not just mere data, but it is also insight on the audience preference on what they are looking for and how they find you. Even more a digital marketing training will train you on how to use the most popular terms and keywords to make your website get more exposure.


Apart from major benefits, there are many other features digital marketers can benefit from Google analytics.


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