How can you make Lead Generation more meaningful?

Lead generation isn’t always the easiest thing to accomplish. Many common mistakes can easily be made and a question every business should be asking is, are we asking leads to commit before we provide any real value?

Lead Generation

Tips for Lead Generation

Value propositions are something you hear about quite often in business. If you want to gain more leads and make lead generation more meaningful, you need to provide more value. Without value, you really shouldn’t be asking for a commitment. Here’s a quick approach you can use to ensure you provide more value and generate more leads.

Step #1 – Work with the Sales Department

Understanding the process the sales department uses will allow you to see what you need to do when generating leads. The sales staff probably has no issue with asking for a commitment before providing value because they take the time to make sure the prospect understands what they will be receiving.

Spend a few hours with your sales team to help understand the process. Make sure you understand the common obstacles and pain points they deal with when trying to make the sale. With a full understanding of how the sales process works, you will be able to adapt your lead generation process to better fit the sale of your product or service.

Step #2 – Quality vs. Quantity

Often, lead generation tactics focus on getting more leads instead of getting more quality leads. If you generated half as many leads, but they converted at a rate of four times your current rate, it would be more profitable than generating twice as many leads at your current conversion rate.

It’s important to look at the optimization of your messaging. When you say the right thing during a lead generation campaign, you will qualify buyers better and see a higher conversion rate. Make sure the content of your lead gen message is easily understood and provides the right information to qualify your buyers.

Simplifying your message may help provide higher quality leads. Visitors will scan your content quickly looking for something to address their specific needs. If the content is too hard to read or simply not scannable, they may just leave altogether.  Test a few different messages and concentrate on:

  • Clear wording that’s easy to understand
  • Addressing concerns of those looking for what you offer
  • Using bullet points, sub-headers, images and videos
  • Providing a clear call to action
  • Benefits of the product or service

If your content is easy to understand and address the visitor’s pain points, you’re more likely to generate quality leads.

Step #3 – Choose the Right Timing for the Ask

After you have optimized the message used for lead generation, it’s time to test when you are asking for the commitment. Lead generation isn’t just about what you say, but when you say it. If you don’t ask for a commitment in the right place, you may be missing out on leads. Take the time to test a few different places and you will figure out what converts best.

Websites looking to make lead generation more meaningful need to focus on providing value before asking for a commitment. With the right message, the right ask and a deeper understanding of the sales process, you can easily take your lead generation to the next level.

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