Improving Lead Management to Increase the Conversion Rate

All websites have many goals, and to increase the conversion rate is a major goal of many websites. Though some websites may have an increased lead generation, the conversion rate might be very low. And the reason can be due to poor lead management. Lead management should be based on the customer experience to make the most out of a lead. Below are few Dos and Don’ts that would help you in lead management for increased conversions.

Don’ts in Lead Management

There are few things that are a must to avoid bringing in quality leads and increasing the conversion rate.

1. Deciding the criteria for marketing qualified lead.

A common mistake the marketing mistake makes is to come up with criteria for a lead which is qualified, on their own. It is also important they run this through the sales team to come up with the most effective and right criteria.

 2. No coordination between teams

Marketing and sales team must work in a coordinate manner, to keep the process of lead generation according to the strategically plan. And a collaborative work will allow them make sure the lead management is successful.

3. Considering only numbers

Behavioral scores alone do not give you the accurate information to increase the conversion rate. It is important to consider the customer profile of the audience.

4. Focusing on a single channel

Also one of the common mistakes most marketers do is to focus on a single channel to get it to generate all leads. And being consistent with all channels and working on relevant strategies for each of the channel will help you in proper lead management.

5. Lack of consideration customer experience.

Most of the marketers often overlook the customer experience which is vital for conversion. And analyzing the customer experience will help you to identify the flaws and areas to improve for better lead management.

Dos for better lead conversion rate

Increasing conversion rate can be done by simply implementing the below.

Create a clear pathway.

Make sure if it is a quality lead:

1. Get the lead ready to become a customer
2. Make sure you have the necessary
3. Retarget the bounced leads with promotions and referral resells
4. Analyze your strategy and improve as needed.

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