7 Key factors for a Lead Generating Website

lead generating websiteThe prime focus of almost all websites is lead generation. At occasions less or no leads generation is a result despite the time and money one invests on the website. There are few website factors which are most noteworthy for a website to make your audience become your clients. Any website can be turned into a lead generating website with simple guidance.

  1. Contact Details

    Adding your location, number and address to the website helps you build trust and credibility among your audience.  Though not everyone landing on the website will call, but the presence of phone number makes the website authentic.

  2. Appointment/ Contact Us forms on every page

    An Appointment Form and a Contact Us form on every page on the website is one of the important features for lead generation. It is also important to make sure that these forms are less frequent pop-ups that compel to register and interrupt the user experience. Requesting minimal details in these forms as a result would generate a lot of leads.

  3. Images and Testimonials

    Real images and 5 star reviews give your brand a sense of authority. Good reviews and real images give a sense of assurance on the services or products you offer hence help you convert visitors to leads.

  4. Interactive Videos

    Short Videos which are interactive is a main website factor. Informative videos on the website makes your audience feels confident about your brand hence you can easily persuade them to become your clients.

  5. Use unique template/layout

    A common feature that puts off most audiences is due to the lack of a proper layout or inviting website. Avoiding the common templates and investing on unique design for the website would consequently attract the visitors and contribute in generating leads.

  6. Have clean and clear space

    A website with clutter makes navigation hard.  Clear white space on the website with good arrangement of content and features probably make the website look neat and authentic. Too many ads and offers may look like a spam site hence distracts the audience form main purpose.

  7. Test site

    In conclusion testing all website features work is important for a successful lead generating website. Broken links and unresponsive features make your website lose credibility as a result. Determine the best features for the website by testing, or you can use our Lead Generation Process Review.

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