Lead Generation Using Social Media: Truth Or Myth?

social media and lead generationLet’s face it – social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram has helped humanity a long way. Aside from connecting people, it has structured all types of information across the right channels and built structures that people follow in which they perfectly fit in.

However, one of the biggest questions people have about social media is whether it is used as a lead generation method. If you are thinking the same and wondering if Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the other ‘fellas’ can be re-purposed in that way, we are sharing the answer below.

YES. Lead generation and social media go well together.

If used efficiently, they have the power to take the community to the next level and even strengthen a business relationship. It doesn’t matter what types of leads you are after. As long as you have the right knowledge and experience to hook them through the power of social media.

So, how to do that?

In times when sending a friend request or running an advertisement is not enough, social media for lead generation is all about:

  • providing value – instead of hooking them with attention, attract them with knowledge and share customer experiences as references
  • display your portfolio – a lead that sees your portfolio has higher potential to become a lead. It gives customers confidence in engaging your products or services
  • follow up – constant follow ups are key to success. Having real conversations with followers or fans, creates authenticity about your social media platforms. It shows your sincerity of building relationships with customers.

This trinity of principles is definitely worth it, as long as you know how to use it. And remember.

The bottom line is that social media is all about adapting to current trends and using it to build real relationships with customers.

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