Maximize all your marketing channels with Marketing Automation

Deploy a multi-platform, multi-targeted strategy without breaking a sweat. Automate your daily activities in marketing and focus your time on strategy and implementation.

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It’s not about how many leads you can get.

It’s about how many you can convert to sales. Unfortunately, leads do not become sales overnight, an effective lead generation program is required for conversion.

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Is your inbound marketing funnel on target?

Are you generating enough leads for sales? Contact us to review and improve your lead generation program.

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Dashboard CMO

See how your inbound marketing funnel is mapping out with our marketing platform - Dashboard CMO. Build segmented target lists and track their growth and activities. Monitor your email campaigns and improve their effectiveness. Register for free now!

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We provide a full spectrum of digital marketing services to help make inbound marketing automation work for you.

Lead Generation

Identify effective online traffic generation channels. Build relationships and successfully manage the lead lifecycle through behaviour tracking, contextual content delivery, and more, with effective lead generation programs. Manage and nurture leads effectively to increase sales conversion.

Targeted Campaign Execution

Targeted inbound marketing  campaigns have significantly higher conversion rates than those that aren’t. Get the right tools so you can get started on effective in inbound marketing automation programs today. Stop wasting your precious marketing resources on mass campaigns.

Sales and Marketing Alignment

Great things happen when your sales and marketing are on the same page. Integrate marketing automation with CRM. Support your sales people with qualified leads from your inbound marketing programs and increase sales closure!

Results Measurement

Keep track of the ROI of each campaign, each channel for your inbound marketing automation programs. Never be left in the dark again. Be ready to react to any changes in the marketing environment and monitor any changes promptly. Our Dashboard CMO provides an overview of all your inbound marketing automation activities.

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For more information on improving your online lead generation

  • Lead Generation

    Your lead generation and inbound marketing automation journey starts here. dMarketeer.com.sg is a full-service digital marketing consultancy providing end-to-end solutions that are custom-tailored to meet your needs and goals. We assist you to review current online traffic generation channels and suggest new ones. We will also review your inbound marketing processes and implement efficient marketing funnels. If you want to turn leads into customers more efficiently or you’re overwhelmed with all the necessary yet repetitive tasks that marketeers these days have to do, we’re here to provide you with the tools and advice that you need.
  • Why Marketing Automation?

    The digital marketplace is highly segmented and competitive and your prospects are using a broad range of digital channels in a multitude of ways. Getting their attention alone can already be challenging. Knowing when and where to engage with them, how to keep that conversation going until they’re ready to commit, what to do to make sure that they stay with you – all this is a massive undertaking that requires multipronged approach es and time commitment. If you don’t have tools to help you out, you’ll end up spending more time on marketing processes than on strategizing or product development. Marketing Automation provides tools to assist you develop successful online marketing strategies.
  • What we can do for you?

    It’s an unavoidable fact: an inbound marketing automation platform is a must in today’s marketplace and organizations that don’t have one implemented are going to be left behind. If you don’t have one in place yet, we’ll help you get started, advise you on what the best practices are, and keep you up-to-date on the latest technological developments that will benefit your business. We’ll provide you with the inbound marketing automation platform and tools so you can transform your inbound marketing, get more done faster and with fewer resources, and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.