Top 10 Free Online Courses to Follow during the Pandemic

The current pandemic has all of us locked at our own homes, with a huge break from our busy lives. And since we have a lot of time in our hand it is best to use them productively as we get through this pandemic. Apart from all the skill-building, you still have the opportunity to learn from home. In response to this pandemic, several universities and online academies have offered any free courses and discounted courses online. Additionally, courses about the pandemic also have been offered by several universities.


We have listed a few courses that you may benefit from during the pandemic isolation. Though some offers have an expiry date, you can still benefit from them if you start as soon as possible.


Coursera offers 115 free courses during the pandemic totally free of cost. Also, each of these courses cost about $50. These courses included certificate courses from reputed universities. And they are available until July 31st.



Packt offers free workshops on web development, programming, and data science. You can buy as many as workshops you want and simply enter “PACKTFREE” at the checkout.


3. FutureLearn

Including certificate courses from Australian universities, FutureLearn is offering 16 free courses. These courses are expiring on June 30th.


4. Great Learning

More than 50 courses on artificial intelligence, marketing, and programming are available for you on this platform. A mobile number is required for the registration of the profile.


5. SAP

If you are into technology this platform is for you. SAP offers 200+ courses on computer science and SAP software.


6. JetBrains

With a simple sign up you can get 150+ free study hours with JetBrain. And they offer you free courses on Java, Python, Kotlin and web development. 


7. App Brewery

App development in flutter is available with 10+ free hours at App brewery. All you need to do is sign up.



Expiring on the 30th of June, has offered 100+ free live training sessions. They mainly focus on topis to upskill and reskill.


9. BitDegree

BitDegree offers you 50+ free courses on web development and programming during the pandemic.


10.  IBM

100+ free IBM training courses have been offered for professional development in general. And you can access them with simple signup.


Stay safe and stay home during the pandemic as you enjoy the benefit of these courses. 

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