Google Analytics and how to use it for Quality Lead Generation?

Google analytics is a common tool most marketers use to keep track of the traffic and leads for a website. But not many of the marketers today track the visitors efficiently despite Google analytics being a major tool. Hence, every marketing person should focus on few areas to get lead generation.

Understanding of how a user navigates through the website and pages through which he enters and exits will help to optimize any website.


Monitor the Pathway of your Visitors and ActivitiesQuality Lead Generation through Simple Google Analytics

Looking at the numbers from Google Analytics alone will not help to improve the campaigns or increase lead generation. By determining the activities and flow of audience through the site we have get a better insight.

Hence by observing the pathway of the audience and how they navigate within the website, you will easily determine the ways to give them a good user experience and design potential routes. With this directing the users and making them a quality lead is convenient.

Monitoring the activities of the visitor of your website to determine on improving the website is important. Hence determining the changes to be made on the page is simple with details like page leads and bounce rates and time.


Check the Bounce Pages with Google Analytics

Best thing about Google Analytics is it is easy to pinpoint where you are making the mistake. With the bounce rate details you can determine the exit page or your website and find what is making your audience leave. Hence you can fix the homepage or landing page immediately. Blogs and Newsletter archives generally have high bounce rates but any other page would be of serious concern.


Analyze Popular Web Browser and Devices

Not all browsers support all websites. Having the details of the browsers used to access your website and bounce rates is important. Thus, determining the bugs in the website with the said details is easy. These details help to make the website be available for wide range of browsers.

Monitoring the traffic of users through various devices is easy with Google analytics. With the details of the traffic through mobile devices, optimizing the website to respective users is easy. Identifying and fixing bugs for mobile responsive websites is also convenient with Google analytics.

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