How to use Google Adwords for Lead Generation?

Google AdwordsGoogle plays a major and a very strict role in lead generation for websites, unlike many other platforms where you can easily index your business and run ads. Google requires a standard landing page and relevant keywords. But it is no secret Google Adwords is a great platform to generate qualified leads for your website. Even more than most social media platforms at times.

Having a good idea of the fundamentals for Google Adwords campaigns will help you with profitable lead generation.

What to focus on before you run a Google Adwords campaign?

  1. The audience
    Audiences are of two types: who know what exactly to search, and who have no idea of the specific phrase to use for a search. Making sure your chosen keywords cover both type audiences is important, to get the maximum lead generation.
  2. CTR – Click Through Rate
    Users click on the result which is most relevant to the phrase they look up. Choosing a unique and relevant title for the campaign will make the user experience great.
  3. Landing Page
    Time to time Google has disabled several ads due to the lack of a proper landing page. Hence a landing page should be relevant.
  4. Quality Score
    Relevance of Keyword and the landing page gives you a greater number of clicks consequently leading to a higher position. A high quality score with a lower CPC can also be obtained.
  5. Mobile Optimization
    Mobiles have a greater impact on PPC advertising, as they show a greater volume of searches for the selected keywords compared to PC’s. Optimizing the campaign and landing page for mobiles with Call-to-Action plug-ins are important, as mobiles are the primary device anybody and everybody use today.

What to Avoid?

  1. Multiple Keywords
    Using multiple keywords to create a broad range to increase the targeting options is a common mistake made in Google Adwords campaign.
  2. No proper Local keywords
    If the campaign is based on a local city, the used keywords also should be based on the local city.
  3. Outbidding Competitors
    Highest bidder might be on the top, but it is temporary. Using the money on effective keywords will get more desirable results.
  4. Not keeping track of Ad Campaign
    Once a campaign is started it is important to keep track of the progress constantly, to see how the PPC is bringing in the leads.

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