5 Reasons to Use WordPress to Build Small Business Websites

As a small business owner, what anyone wants is to establish the business online through a website for a small cost, but of a good quality. This is a real struggle when stepping into the unknown. WordPress, though people commonly consider as a blogging site, is a very convenient platform to build an attractive and complete website.

5 Reasons to Use WordPress to Build Small Business Websites

Most marketers are in the borderline to make a decision about using WordPress to build a website. WordPress, not only an excellent content management system, with advance features but yes simple to use software for any beginner. Not only that, there are more reasons why.

  1. It’s Free
    Wordpress is free for a start. It does not cost to set up a small business website, but for more services it can cost a bit. Yet it is affordable with few services and can get a complete website for under $100.
  2. A wide range of themes
    The designs templates make it even easier for you to put the website together. And the better news is, you can change them anytime you want. And most of the designs are free. Additionally, you can customize your own website design.First impression is the best impression, so getting it right is crucial. It is often a problem communicating with a developer on how your website needs to look, but with WordPress it is simple. There are a variety of themes to suit any type of small business and for you to choose from them.
  3. Easy to set up and update
    Setting up a website for your small business is very simple and easy. Hence no expert knowledge is required to put all the pages together. It comes already with installation and no configuration needed. And updating new pages or changing the pages are yet very simple.
  4. Plugins for functionality
    WordPress has high functionality and it allows you to increase it more with plugins. These plugins allows you to add more features to your website hence. And depending on your small business, you have an array of plugins available, suitable for your website.
  5. Search engine friendly
    The best part of WordPress is that it is search engine friendly. SEO is made easy with inbuilt system in WordPress. You can add more content and Google loves it. Above all, this platform makes it easy for search engines to find your website.

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