The 3-Step Plan To Use Your Business Blog To Nurture Leads

biz22We’ve all been there, trying to write the perfect blog post that will hopefully spark and get everyone’s attention. However, there is no quick scheme to success when it comes to lead generation. In fact, every lead deserves to be nurtured before it converts.

That is what the lead nurturing process is all about. Essentially, it is a process that is developing relationships with your potential buyers at every stage of the sales funnel. The main idea is to focus your marketing on educating them and letting them know that buying your product/service will help them or subscribing to you will benefit them.

According to some research, more than 50% of the leads in any system are not yet ready to buy. Around 80% of the new leads never become sales. This is exactly why lead nurturing should be part of your game, and here is how you should pull that off.

Step 1 – See If Your Leads Are Your Type

Every business must develop an idea about the perfect lead. The ‘lead fit’ is a process in which you see whether your leads deserve to be educated. You can see this from the following factors:

  • demographics – you should ideally know who is your persona, what is their age, location etc.
  • firmographics -the company’s name, size, location, annual revenue etc.
  • BANT – referring to budget, authority, need and time – and whether your leads can afford you, have the authority to purchase from you, need your product/service and what is their timeline in acquiring it.

Once you put all of these aspects in mind, you will have an idea of your perfect leads.

Step 2 – See The Behavior Of Your Leads

Lead nurturing is in a tight link with the behavior of the leads. For example, if your leads are using you for your body of content, you should know that they want to be educated, and are somehow ready to become your prospects.

On the other hand, if their interest drops and they are leaving your website or not visiting it enough, you may want to re-think the game.

Step 3 – Popping The Question

Knowing when to pop the question about your product, service or subscription is the rocket science in lead generation. However, it does not have to be – if and when you know it’s right. One way to see if the buying stage is ready for you to pop the question is to align the behaviors of your leads with the top, bottom and middle of your sales funnel.

The Bottom Line

Once you master these three steps, you will know whether a potential visitor deserves to become a nurtured lead, see how they act on your website and figure out when to pop the perfect question.

And if you want to know how should that question be popped, you can always use our list of proven lead generation tips, tactics and ideas for businesses of all sizes.

Good luck!

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