How do you know if your website has been built to generate leads?

More than 90% of companies own websites, but probably only 10% of these websites generate leads for these companies. How do you know if your website is generating fresh leads?

If you have Google Analytics installed, you can click on “Admin >Goals” to view either of the following images.

Google Analytics - No Goal


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Google Analytics - Goal


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With 90% certainty, most of us would have choosen Image 1. If so, with 100% possibility, your website has not been effective for lead generation.

What are goals in Google Analytics?

According to GA, goals measure how often users complete specific actions. They fall into one of the 5 types below:

  • Destination – a specific URL loads
  • Duration – sessions that lasts a specific amount of time or longer
  • Pages/Screens per session – user views specific number of pages in a single session
  • Event – triggered by actions defined by admin, including video play, file download, etc.

How does goal track lead generation on your website?

You can set up goals in GA to track the various stages of the lead generation funnel. With a “Destination” goal, you can specifiy the paths that you expect prospects or customers will take. This path is the customer journey or the lead generation funnel. You will be able to see this in Goal Flow and Funnel reports.

Why is it important for your website to generate leads?

With more than 50% of new customers or prospects searching online, your website may be their first encounter of your products and service or brand. If they are not convinced, they will not leave their contacr details for your follow up. You lose the opportunity to convert them to leads and nurture them to become your customers. Eventually, they become your competitor’s customer.

In summary, if your website is not successful in generating leads, you could possibility start losing market share.This will eventually lead to revenue losses, unless your new or existing customers do not use the Internet at all.

What’s next?

If you would like your website to start generating leads, the first thing you need to do is to develop your online lead generation funnel. During implementation, you can determine if your lead generation program is working by setting up appropriate goals in Google Analytics.

For more information on lead generation and funnel development, please click here.

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