Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes that affect Lead Generation

Despite having invested a lot ofSocial Media Mistakes that affects lead generation time and money on Social Media Marketing (SMM), most of the businesses do not see any growth in followers or lead generation.

The reason would be simple mistakes most of them make when promoting the social media sites. Having a clear idea on what to do and what ‘not’ to do is important for lead generation. Read on to see the common social media mistakes to make sure you are not doing them.

1. Having No Strategy or Plan

The first step for you should take is to set up a goal and decide on the audience, the potential leads, you are going to target. Get the help of an efficient team to come up with a strategy to contribute the necessary time.

2. Being Inactive Most of the Time

No-one will be interested in a shop that has been closed for several days; similarly no-one will be interested in a page that is inactive for several days. Being active with posts on your page, give your followers the confidence to reach out to you any time they want the services.

3. Self- Promoting Content

Social Media is a platform that will help you with lead generation, but not a selling platform. Followers do not want to see posts only about “How great your business and your services are”. They love to read facts about your services, to know how you do, what you do.

4. Very Low Real Followers

This social media mistake makes zero lead generation. Click farm and paid promotion for free offers and games will flood in the number of followers, but the number of people genuinely interested in your services will be low.

5. Monotony of the Content

Seeing the same topic over and over makes one loose the interest in the particular topic, and possibly miscommunicate to the followers, that you are offering only that particular service.

6. Lack of Active Interaction with Followers

When the queries/comments by the followers remain unanswered they lose the trust and interest they have on the page.

7. Overuse of Hashtags

Limit the hashtags to the most relevant key words and best if it is within the caption. No-one likes irrelevant posts coming up on their search.

Now you know what social media mistakes you should avoid, do the best to create a strong online presence. To find out more about building an effective social media marketing strategy to support your business, view our courses available.

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