Quality Lead Generation through Simple Google Adwords Factors

Google Adwords holds a prominent place in digital marketing when it comes to lead generation. Most of the marketers are focused on getting a number of leads in a short period of time that they fail to focus on the quality lead generation. Lead numbers may be high but the actual conversion is very less.

Rectifying this is very simple with a few tips and tricks when using the Google Adwords.

But it is also important to understand, Google Adwords are more fruitful with time.

Understanding the AudienceHow to Use Google Adwords for Quality Lead Generation?

The audiences who look up are of two types: who know what they want and look for it and who are not sure what they want and looking for options. Thus the adword campaign should be specific for who know what they are looking for. It also should be a good suggestion for the audience who are still looking for options.

Relevance of Keywords

Keywords are the prominent factor that helps in building quality leads. The higher the relevance of the keyword to what the audience is looking for the greater the click-through rate. Adding a direct, unique and relevant title to adwords will help in bringing in more quality leads. Don’t use multiple keywords for a campaign as they can be misleading the audience. It also can bring in false leads, thus reducing the ROI.

Optimizing the Landing Page

No matter how much leads you receive from the adwords campaign, the conversion rate can be very low if the landing is not up to standards. A standard landing page is the one containing the exact details relevant to the keyword and contact details. Landing page is a great opportunity to convince the audience and show them what they need thus making them your customers.

Tracking Results

Tracking the keyword that brought in more leads and the most effective campaign, will help you invest in more profitable campaigns. It is equally important to track the number of conversions, the percentage of new visitors, and percentage of returning visitors. Bounce rate and the average time a visitor spends on your landing page, to improve the landing pages for better conversions.

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